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Depression Counseling for Couples and Individuals |Tri-Valley – Pleasanton Livermore San Ramon Dublin | Lori Brown Therapist
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Psychotherapy and Counseling
  Individuals and Couples Welcome

I “specialize” in You ~ your unique circumstances, your goals, and your development.

We will work together to address your issues in a climate of safety and respect, building upon the strengths, gut-sense and wisdom you already have.

Questions or to schedule an appointment?

Call me at (925) 997-9003.

If I can’t pick up the phone just then, please leave me your contact information and some good times to call you back.

I will follow through.

  Grief and Depression Counseling Services

Depression feels like a fog has descended over your life. Some people find themselves crying all the time, feeling sadness and despair. Others feel nothing at all, only emptiness. There are many causes and triggers for depression. A lifelong pattern of internalizing feelings rather than accessing and expressing them directly can contribute. So can “running on empty” and putting your own self-care low on your priority list. Heaping self-criticism and self-blame is also a trigger (and a symptom).

In the face of your feelings of hopelessness, it is important to remember that depression responds well to treatment. You deserve to feel better, and will.   In our work together you will learn new skills and new perspectives to effectively dismantle your depression.

Depression can be triggered by a major loss such as divorce, the death of a loved one, or a medical illness in yourself or a loved one. However, you may grieve without becoming clinically depressed. The dimensions of your grief are as individual as you are. As a skilled grief counselor, I can help you in your bereavement journey.



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