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Relationship Counseling for Couples and Individuals |Tri-Valley – Pleasanton Livermore San Ramon Dublin | Lori Brown Therapist
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  Individuals and Couples Welcome

I “specialize” in You ~ your unique circumstances, your goals, and your development.

We will work together to address your issues in a climate of safety and respect, building upon the strengths, gut-sense and wisdom you already have.

Questions or to schedule an appointment?

Call me at (925) 997-9003.

If I can’t pick up the phone just then, please leave me your contact information and some good times to call you back.

I will follow through.

  Relationship Counseling Services

As human beings we are attachment-driven creatures. Relationships with others are our lifeline, necessary for our survival. Unlike other species, we take a long time to come into maturity and we learn much of our skills, our knowledge, and what are roles are now and will be in the future from our families. We aren’t born knowing these things. It is through our web of attachments - to our parents, our other family members, and gradually with people encountered at school and the world beyond – that we grow into the people that we are. The latest in scientific research and clinical observation confirms that forming bonds of attachment is both hard-wired in our brains while also influencing our brain’s development as we grow up. If we, as infants, are deprived of nurturing and care, we fail to thrive (known as the “Failure to Thrive” syndrome). We literally die or shrivel in our bodily and emotional growth. We spend many years being a child, small, helpless and vulnerable. In order to reach adulthood we need other people - to feed us, to respond to our cries, to soothe us into sleep, and to give us love and emotional attunement.

A relationship Counselor can offer you an optimal learning environment. Reading self-help literature is wonderful, but sometimes it is hard to assimilate and apply this knowledge on your own.  I also offer
counseling for those dealing with depression, grief, loss, and anxiety.

It’s more powerful to learn new things in the context of a relationship.

Psychotherapy helps you identify your unique core beliefs–your internal operating principles - and how they are impacting your life right now. 



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